Digital USB Microscope - 1600x. Product works with Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/7/8/10, Linux, Android

Connects directly to desktop PC via USB connection or to Android Smartphone via special connectors available for purchase. See "Microscope-to-Android Device Adaptors" product available in our store.

Contact GHV via email if you have any questions or concerns. We are available to assist with installation of software & getting your microscope up & working.


PLEASE NOTE - Product does NOT work on Apple devices. Another microscope style is available that works with Apple devices. Apple devices can be connected to wireless microscopes with wifi capabilities. Please check out our two wireless microscopes sold here that have wifi capabilities. These two microscopes will work on some Apple devices (not guaranteed, so connection would need to be tested to be sure).

Digital USB Microscope - 1600x

SKU: 4800-M1600
  • USB Digital Microscope 1600x 5x zoom
    PC Compatible Windows 10 compatible
    MAC OSX Compatible (per technical specifications on box - 

    Get up close & personal with your plants & all those little buggers you need to identify! This is an incredible product I've been using personally for about a year now. Started with 1000x model & now using 1600x. Love how I can use the stand for stabile viewing or can hold it in my hand to get down in those hard-to-see areas in my plants. Love the LED lights which light up what you are trying to see. BUGS HATE THE LIGHT & SCURRY AROUND LIKE CRAZY TO GET AWAY FROM IT! Camera snaps pictures (see in this posting). I use it with my IBM Surface Pro 4 tablet. Includes picture/viewing software that's installed on your PC. When ready to use, simply plug in USB & open application/software. It's ready to go!


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