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Great White Premium Mycorrhizae - Beneficial Bacteria & Trichoderma, 1 oz


Application Methods: Most important thing when applying any mycorrhizal inoculum is to make sure  mycorrhizal product touches plant roots. This ensures (fungus seeds) touch roots & germinate spores.


Solution: Mix 1 tsp GW per 2 gallons of water.Repeat application every 2-3 weeks for optimal results.For maximum shelf life store between 40-85 degrees F. Avoid temperature in excess of 140 degrees F.


Mycorrhizae means fungus root & describes the mutually beneficial relationship between plants & mycorrhizal fungi. Tiny fungi aid in absorbing nutrients & water, feeding them to plants in exchange for sugars. In nature, 90% of plants on earth have been growing in a symbiotic relationship with these mighty soil fungi for hundreds of years.


Once established, mycorrhizae will enhance surface area on a root system.   This results in a plant better able to absorb nutrients & water from the soil. Plants treated with mycorrhizae have enhanced drought tolerance & vigor.


GW blends contain a variety of mycorrhizal species that work with a variety of plant types. This ensures that no matter what is planted, the blends will contain a mycorrhizal species that should be beneficial to your plants’ roots. Plants form relationships with more than one type of mycorrhizae depending on soil conditions. A variety of hardy mycorrhizal species is preferred for germination.


Trichoderma is a natural occurring fungi found in undisturbed soils. It has been found to enhance uptake of a variety of nutrients to a plants' root system.


Beneficial bacteria in nature provide a number of benefits to both soil & plants. Specifically, the microbes will minimize nutrient leaching, aid in nutrient cycling & absorption, enhance soil structure, solubilize minerals (including phosphorous) for plant availability, & enhance seed germination. Research has shown beneficial bacteria are most effective when used in combination with beneficial mycorrhizal fungi.


Studies show having trichoderma (konigii and harzianum) & mycorrhizae present in the same environment are beneficial to plants.


Mycorrhizae spores are dormant and float in suspension, so they do not drown. They are not metabolically active & don’t need oxygen until roots are present, at which point they germinate & need oxygen & sugars from roots to grow.


PLEASE NOTE: GHV no longer carries the Mycorrhizal Fungi by Garden-ville anymore due to their recent cost increases. After detailed research, GHV is proud to offer this new mycorrhizal product.


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Great White Premium Mycorrhizae, 1 oz

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