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Note: As of 3/22/2023 we were made aware original 222 cu in No Damp Off product was rebranded in 2022, same product, new name, new packaging. Only 2 bags of product in old packaging left in inventory. Newly packaged product on order, arrival date TBD.


Mosser Lee Sucseed (Formerly known as No Damp Off). 244 cubic inches. Sucseed is an organic seed starting medium for all varieties of flowers & vegetables. Made from Wisconsin long-fibered sphagnum moss, this product prevents damping-off disease, a major killer of newly germinated seedlings. Your seedling success rate approaches 100%. Used & recommended by professional horticulturists for over 50 years.

  • All organic seed starting medium
  • Made from long fibered sphagnum moss, no artificial ingredients
  • Germination rates of new seedlings approach 100%
  • Fights damping off, a fatal disease of germinating seeds & seedlings
  • Recommended and used by professional horticulturists for over 50 years
  • Encourages strong root growth, resulting in healthier & sturdier plants
  • Natural & renewable



Mosser Lee Sucseed (formerly No Damp Off) - 244 cubic inches

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