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Affiliates: Purchase Growing Supplies For Your Local Shows From GHV

Affiliate Special - Need Growing Supplies For Your Upcoming Sales?

Affiliates, make a little extra money at your sales by selling supplies at your local sales. Download a copy of my online catalog list (front page of website). Shop my list of over 200 growing supplies for items that you want to sell. Proceed to my website & look up the product by name (search) or by product code. Add all products & the quantities needed into your card. Give us a call at 512-988-1918 BEFORE you complete your checkout to pay process. Affiliate specials are handled differently than a regular sale. We are happy to offer special discounts to group orders. This can be either a group of people making a single order OR an affiliate making a special order for your local sale. We are focused on making your event successful & to help you with making a little extra money to support your affiliate. One of our goals is to help affiliates survive & thrive so that you can continue your public outreach & education of the growing community.

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