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When we left Arkansas last month to come home to Central Texas, we wanted to see the sun again. Well, heck. Gotta be more careful what I ask for. Past 2 days here have set record highs of 109 degrees with NO rain in sight! Yesterday our home A/C unit tried to catch on fire. Thank goodness for our wonderful local A/C repair company who took care of a fried relay/breaker/wiring. Scary, because it could have happened when we weren't at home!

On top of this, the A/C unit at the GHV "Shop" - my home away from home could NOT keep up with the heat. Plant room hit 81 degrees by late afternoon. Today we are at 80, probably will hit 81 again. Have extra fans going but wow is it a scorcher down here! Hope to get some rain maybe SOMEDAY!

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