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HOTAVS: 12/5/2022 1st Monday Membership Meeting!

Please join us for our next meeting program scheduled on December 5, 2022 will be "How the Light Spectrum Affects Plants," facilitated by Susan Robinson. If you are interested in learning more about light spectrum & plants, please join us! Send an email to to be included in our special invitation. Our vision for this new affiliate is to provide a more "holistic" approach to AV meetings. Prospective members are currently involved in shaping how HOTAVS will provide a new look & feel to being a member of an AV affiliate. We are still in the early stages of our growth & things are looking really good for our future! Plans are to begin collecting dues, probably when our fiscal year begins on May 1st. In the meantime, all our zoom presentations are free to attend. Send an email to: to request the Zoom link as the meeting is by request only. Public outreach & education is our main focus. Members are encouraged to participate as part of our new virtual experience. There are so many people who do not live close to nor can they travel to in person meetings. They can participate via Zoom which provides an opportunity to become part of our AV growing community. Stay tuned for more! You can always email questions to who will be available to take your communication & share with the appropriate resource(s). Please Join Us on Monday, 12/5/2022 via Zoom - just email your request!

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