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B-52 B Vitamins-Stalk-Stem-Bud Strengthener - 8.4 oz - 1 count

B Vitamin supplement. Formula contains Vitamin B1, Kelp, & other ingredients so plants grow well & produce more - even in demanding conditions. B-52 can promote root growth, therefore allowing for increased uptake of both primary nutrients & micronutrients that plants need.


Professional gardeners use B-52 to strengthen & feed clones, seedlings, vegetative plants, & blooming plants.


This proprietary blend provides unique, powerful nutritional & vitamin support to make your plants wnners!


B-52 is compatible with a number of other products.


Note: Guarantees noted on product packaging are from Advanced Nutrients, not GHV. Contact Advanced Nutrients if you have any questions or concerns.


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B-52 B Vitamins-Stalk-Stem-Bud Strengthener - 8.4 oz

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