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Sweet Cane - Dried Molasses. 38%. 8 oz. Sweetlix. Small pellet size. Slow dissolving to last over time.


Soil is the very foundation of your plants that is full of nutrients and microorganisms working together in a symbiotic relationship. It is important to maintain a hospitable and suitable environment for the microorganisms within the soil to survive and thrive, all while ensuring the nutritional balance of the soil maintains a health pH.


Dried Molasses - a viscous by-product of sugar refinement – is a grain residue carrier drenched in liquid molasses. It contains more sugar than liquid molasses but cannot be mixed into water. Ever heard the phrase “feed the soil, not the plant”? Dried Molasses is high in calcium, magnesium, iron, and potassium. It is an often-overlooked soil additive that when mixed with a host of other micronutrients and/or a good Mycorrhizal Fungi/microbe product, will strengthen and boost the foundation of your plants.


Benefits of Dried Molasses are:

  • Boosts structure and moisture retention of soil,
  • Rich in both micro- and macro- nutrients,
  • Most noticed during flowering period,
  • Helps prevent pathogen buildup that will potentially harm plants,
  • Reduces salt build-up that can cause certain nutrient lockouts,
  • Encourages growth of beneficial organisms,
  • Great source of carbohydrates and other nutrition for feeding soil microbes, greatly improving soil quality,
  • Encourages growth of beneficial organisms, and
  • Useful insect repellent (While microbes thrive on sugars in molasses, ingesting molasses for an insect (excludes Sugar Ants, Bees) is imminent death).



Follow the guidelines in the following table:

1 Gallon Soil

Per 50 sq ft

1 tbs

1 lb



Always consider any specific needs of your plants before adding any soil amendments.

Soil amendments may cause fluctuation in soil pH, so it is important to frequently check soil pH (a good time to do this is during any soil leaching process).



Companion Product:

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Dried Molasses - Sweet Cane - 8oz

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