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Glee® All-Purpose Potting Mix: .4cf, 7lbs

Glee mix is a proprietary blend of Canadian Sphagnum peat moss, HydraFiber®, limestone, gypsum, a wetting agent, and fertilizer. (Please read packaging to determine amt of fertilizer in Glee product.


From the Glee website:

"Because Glee potting mix is lighter in weight and fluffier than other potting mixes, it might require a little more firmness when potting up your plants than you’re used to. Also, the HydraFiber® Technology will “surface dry” quicker than other potting mixes, which means that while the upper ½” may look dry, the water is being held beneath the surface where the roots can actually use it. So, before you water, it is important to stick your finger 2″ below the surface to determine if it is wet or dry."


Formula for African Violet/Other Gesneriads Mix Using Glee:

Mix 50% Glee with 50% Perlite to further lighten mix.


Note from GHV: During my testing, it was noticed that the soil pH was testing lower than mixes using Pro-Mix (BX or HP), Sunshine LA#4, Jolly Gardener C-60, or Fox Farms Light Warrior. Be sure to test pH before using 1st time. Also test AFTER fertilizer is added to determine if pH is lowered.

Glee® All-Purpose Potting Mix: .4cf, 7lbs

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