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DYNA-GROGROW™ 7-9-5, 8oz, 1 count


An all-purpose, nutritionally complete, formula used to promote both foliage & bloom growth.  N-P-K ratio of GROW  promotes healthy leaf & stem growth. Ideal for poor, rocky soils, hydroponics, & container-grown plants. Rapid cure for nutrient deficiencies. Helps replenish lost minerals in poor & depleted soils.  Complete formula for all gardeners who desire a slightly higher phosphorus to nitrogen ratio. Grow is urea free & formulated to eliminate salt build-up when used at recommended rates.


Application: Mix 1/8 tsp per gallon of water.


Total Nitrogen (N)___7.0%*
Ammoniacal (NH4)___2.6%*
Nitrate (NO3)___4.4%*
Phosphorus (P2O5)___9.0%*
Potassium (K2O)___5.0%*
Calcium (Ca)___ 2.0%*

Magnesium (Mg)___0.5%*
Sulfur (S)___0.05%
Boron (B)___0.02%
Chlorine (Cl)___0.1%
Cobalt (Co)___0.0015%*
Copper (Cu)___0.05%*

Iron (Fe)___0.1%*
Manganese (Mn)___0.05%*
Molybdenum (Mo)___0.0009%*
Nickel (Ni)___0.0001%
Sodium (Na)___0.1%
Zinc (Zn)___0.05%*


Additional Information:

DYNA-GRO GROW™ 7-9-5 - 8 oz

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