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Mycorrhiza Transplant Formula. Made by Soil Moist™ t. 3 oz


For AVs & Gesneriads, mix 1 tablespoon per 1 gallon of your favorite soil mix.

3 oz package will also treat four-1 gallon containers or a 1” caliper tree.


Soil Moist™ Transplant is formulated from several species of beneficial fungi & bacteria to inoculate shrubs, plants, & trees during planting time. This diverse blend of healthy & viable ectomycorrhizal & endomycorrhizal propagules are adapted to a wide range of plants & habitat conditions. Formulation provides an inoculated area to colonize on newly planted stock in a wide variety of growing & temperature conditions. Mycorrhizal fungi colonize plant roots & extend far into soil. The fungi improve the ability of the plants to use soil resources. The fungi increase water & nutrient uptake by providing a larger root mass. Soil Moist™ water storing polymers are included in the formulation to reduce transplant stress and water maintenance while increasing establishment of newly planted stock. A very beneficial bio stimulant formulation is included in Soil Moist Transplant to promote root growth, formulation and enhance microbial and plant growth.

Each 3-ounce package contains a minimum of 1080 viable propagules from seven species of endomycorrhizal fungi & a minimum of 110 million viable propagules from seven species of ectomycorrhizal fungi. In addition to Soil Moist™ water storing polymer granules, the formulation contains a highly diverse and effective bio stimulant formulation which includes:

•    Sea kelp extract Ecklonia Maxima and Leondardite humates
•    Five strains of Trichoderma fungi that produce natural growth hormones.
•    Minimum of 937 million colony forming units from 50 strains of bacteria which include 15 strains of Bacillus, 5 strains of Psuedomonas, & 10 strains of Streptomycetes. These bacteria promote root growth & formulation.
•    Folic & fulvic acid to enhance plant growth, biotin, natural sugars, & vitamins B, B1, B2, B3, & B12 to promote plant growth & establishment.

Mycorrhiza Transplant Formula-Soil Moist™ -3 oz

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