Super Sprouter Quad Tray + 7" Mondi Dome - Set.

Super Sprouter Quad 1020 Black Tray. No Holes. Quad Thickness Heavy Duty. Super thick & sturdy. Alternative solution to Permanest Trays (11 x 22) as they fit with regular 1020 propagation domes. Plastic material is stronger to support heavier loads. Flexible, not hard rigid plastic so it bends/gives a little rather than cracks like thinner 1020 trays or Permanest Trays.


1020 Tray Propagation Dome by Mondi. Clear. 7" High. Dimensions: 7.5"H x 11.5"W x 21.5"L.

High-grade plastic for maximum light. Offers 2 adjustable vents & closure/seal for good humidity & to minimize moisture loss.


A favorite tray/dome set ordered frequently at the GHV shop!

Set: Super Sprouter Quad 1020 Tray + 7" Mondi Dome - Set