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Worm Castings. Wormganic brand. 1 Gallon.

Factoid: This company sells fishing bait worms to WalMart!


Highly beneficial to soil. Helps soil maintain & hold onto moisture which keeps plants hydrated for longer instead of soil just dispersing all the water & completely drying out. Also introduces uncountable number of beneficial microbes & bacteria into, soil guaranteeing  healthiest soil & plants possible.


While worm castings are fantastic to use in soil, you shouldn't plant straight into the worm castings. Wormganic worm castings should be mixed in a 2:1 ratio into soil with two parts soil & one part wormganic. Afterwards, top soil with worm castings aproximately once a month & water thoroughly for best possible results!

Worm Castings-1 Gallon

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