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AV Preventative Care: New Hope?

While researching treatment & preventative solutions for the recent INSV issue, found a product - Physan 20 - which IMO could offer a way for all of us to get in front of this bad virus. This product identifies itself as a treatment for a lot of things. Disinfectant. Sanitizer. Deodorizer. Fungicide. Algaecide. Viricide.

Wow, this product sounds like a cornucopia of good things. Big question is.... does it REALLY work? Physan has been around for a long time. Many use it to help with algae growth. And it does work for that. Does it work as a fungicide or viricide? That would really be great, making this a product that could potentially help our growing environments stay cleaner & more resilient to disease & pest intrusions & infestations.

Check out the June 1983 African Violet Magazine article about Physan 20. If this product does all it says it does, it may be the silver lining we need very much right now. Even if the info is from 1983, this product has been around for many years. It would be great to know if it works like the article says.

I plan to incorporate this product into my IPM program as a new strategy for preventative measures. Stay tuned to my blog for future updates on results. With luck, this solution will offer our growing communities an opportunity to get in front of this virus outbreak!


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