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GHV Update: Inventory & Spring Cleaning Underway!

The holidays are almost here! How many of you have already

done your shopping & wrapped all your gifts? I've been out & about doing a little bit at a time to minimize stress. Actually, I've done a LOT of online shopping. Actually had a truck "traffic jam" in my driveway last week - Amazon, UPS, & FedEx all arrived around the same time. Good thing our driveway can handle the extra traffic - LOL!

With online orders slowed down this past few weeks, it was well past time to do a little "spring cleaning" around the shop. I was beginning to feel like a "hoarder"! Shipping room is almost completely overhauled & reorganized so it is AMAZING! Cleaned up the propagation/storage room last week. Having to store a large inventory of products makes space optimization a real challenge. Most inventory is now stored inside, under climate-controlled conditions, in plastic bins. All labeled & stacked neatly. This week was dedicated to cleaning out cabinets & setting up new racks to store inventory. Hopefully by end of the year, I will be almost finished with the reorganization.


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