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Silver Linings & Unpredictable Texas Weather!

As of my writing, Texas is in the “sights” of an incoming “Polar Vortex” – whatever that means. Texas weather is SO unpredictable. Each day upon waking, I find myself trying to figure out what to wear? Do I wear sandals or furry boots? Do I wear visor hat or fuzzy-lined hat? Do I wear gloves or not? It’s always a safe bet to layer clothing, that way we can peel off layers as needed. Of course, there’s only so many layers before getting down to “bare skin”! Past few weeks I’ve had to run the A/C during the day and heater at night. Layers on. Layers off.

Trying to keep my plant room temperature consistent is the biggest task right now. Of course, with my plant room almost down to bare bones, the amount of plants is actually the most manageable my collection has been in years! Guess there is a silver lining in every cloud, right?


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