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*** SPAM ALERT ***


Well heck, just heard from one of my loyal, wonderful customers that she was just scammed out of $200. Customer thought she was communicating with me - Glenda's House of Violets. She "ordered" Dandy Pots from the spammer who relieved her of her money in a couple of transactions. Most interesting was spammer's use of name - "Mary Wilson"- cute how they invented a name similar to mine. This slick person told her I had "married & sold my business".


I opened my business over 5 years ago & at this time, have ABSOLUTELY NO intention of selling or conveying my interest at this time. I plan to stay open for business as long as I have the ability to keep my doors open.

If you should hear any false rumors like this, please let me know the source so I can contact them directly to clear this up. You can also let them know they are hearing false stories that should be verified. Not to mention I will try to hunt them down to the ends of this earth & report to appropriate authorities!

Suspicious activities like this cause significant harm to small businesses just like me. Until 2 years ago, my small business was doing well. Now, it's becoming cost-prohibitive & unprofitable to keep the doors open. Spammers only add to our problems (includes extensive government overreach, taxes, reporting, etc), leaving us questioning if it's even worth staying in business right now. I've often thought about shutting down for a couple of years to see if things will change.

For now, I plan to slow down on purchasing inventory as it has become VERY expensive. Inventory levels are in good shape for now as I foresaw the economy crash issues a couple of years ago. Hopefully, there should be little to no impact on product availability, at least for the next year or two.

I have always tried to be a good person & business owner for my customers. It saddens me to talk about this as I really enjoy being a commercial nursery vendor for my wonderful AV growing communities. You are the light that keeps me going. Thank you for your support over the years and for your continued support in the future. I will keep the doors open & lights on as long as I can!


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